Hello everybody,

All my life I have been told that business is a numbers game and I always new this was right, even when I was a kid and I would go door knocking to get cars to wash I new the more peoples doors I would knock on the more I would likely to earn.

I would get up nice and early every day and get my shammy leather ready my buckets and off I would go to and just go to every house and work my way round.

This week I have just started to realise that the internet is not any different, I know that the more traffic a site can get the more money it is likely to earn, however a site is only ever like to earn a certain amount of money.

Now you must be thinking how do you mean?

Well I have a site that is targeting a pretty small niche and I know that even if every visitor that is available on google clicks and buys the product its only worth X amount…. sounds obvious right?

Well this week I was looking at all my big money sites and I have worked out that not one of the actual sites is going to enable me to retire at 30 however the collection of the big money sites earning what they are earning means that I will be more likely to retire.

So the last few days I decided to think about how many sites I own actually show a profit at the end of the year.

Can you guess what the figures are?

I own around 60 domain names and out of those sites only about 15 sites are actually money makers and whats more interesting is that its only the last 10 sites that I have built in the last year or so that have shown a good profit.

So I was thinking today that its going to take a lot more work to get those 15 sites earning more money than they already are and the time its going to take to get them earning more I could just build another 15 sites and hope that a few of them make a profit.

You see that I say hope

I never assume a site will make money as no matter how much research I do and no matter how much I know the market you can never be 100% sure you are on to a winner. I have had what I thought a solid chance of making me £500 – £1000 a month site and it has died a death and only made £20 a month.. yes they do bomb but they do make money so I tend to leave them unless they don’t make any money and start taking money out of my wallet.

So after all this ramblings I have decided that I need to knock out a few more sites a week up until I go away travelling then while I am away I can start just marketing them so I don’t actually have a great deal of work to get on.

So once again this business is definitely a numbers game and even if I can build a site that only makes £10 a month if I can build 10 of them approx 2 weeks work they will make me an extra £100 a month which is not big money but my business model is a hands free system so after 6 months my time is more than covered and then its pure profit!

Just a random post but I thought I would keep you updated in my though process.

Danny Cutts