Making Money OnlineWell this week I have been looking at other ways of making money online and even though for me ebay partner network has made me a lot of money in the past the last 12 months it has been harder and I don’t think its just due to the affiliate managers getting a cob on about how much we make as affiliates I actually think that the general public are not using eBay any more.

I am quite happy with the way that Amazon is going at the moment and to be honest the slim conversion rates at a measly 5% which then does grow to 8% is OK but you have to throw a huge amount of traffic at your affiliate shops to make any good money which is fine again as I can build really targeted sites and get them ranking and making money quickly however they don’t make the amount of money I would want for the initial amount of time it has taken to build.

So there are many ways to make money online in fact there are so many ways there is no way I could name them all here but there is one way I am going to talk about and its a method that is making me a very very nice amount of money each month .

Yes I am talking about targeting the CPA (Cost Per Action) method, cpa for me is producing very nice daily money with very little effort and with in two months of starting with a CPA network I was already making more money than any of my other ventures and I have to say that that is an achievement in itself.

So what is it that I do?

I go and find niches where people are looking for something and I go and give them exactly what they are looking for…. sounds pretty obvious really, doesn’t it?

Well the difference is that I give them exactly what they want for free… I take no money of the user I just make them fill out a survey before they get the download.

Now this does seem pretty complicated but its sooooo easy in fact I am now spending 90% of my time building sites targeting CPA offers as they convert a whole lot better than anything I have evr done even better paying than Adsense.

The power of cpa marketing is very exciting.

At the moment its taking me 8 hours a site from start to finish and then I get my VA (virtual Assistant) to get on the case of driving traffic to it which frankly is a doddle as I am targeting niches that I know I can rank on the first page for with very little effort.

I have found a resource of products I can give away for free I have found 20 niches ready and waiting for me to start, and every day I am finding new niches to exploit with my free products!

I am not one to get too excited about anything but I have to say that CPA is really kicking arse and I am so glad that I found it.