I’ve received over the last couple weeks a few questions about where I get my logos and headers from for my affiliate sites and especially my eBay and Amazon product review sites.

Graphics for a lot of people, is what makes or breaks a site and if your graphics are rubbish, and your logos are a bad quality then it will let your site down and in most cases, it will affect your conversion rates, which means less money for you.

I’ve been working online for over 12 years now, and I generally have a good idea of what headers and logos work for what sites, which puts me in a good position to create my own headers and logos. However, sometimes I’ve found that I have an idea I can’t get it down on paper and so this is when I called in the experts. I came across Logo Nerds a few years ago on the warrior forum, and I’ve been using them and recommending them ever since.

When I create my own logos, graphics, I use fireworks CS5. Now this software for me has been fantastic and the reason why I use it is because it’s what I learnt to use many years ago. I know a lot of people prefer PhotoShop but for me, I use fireworks and I love it.

What I like about Logo Nerds is that they are efficient, and their prices are very reasonable. I have put them through their paces. Many times before with little changes and amendments to logos and graphics and they never complained once about the amount of revisions and tweaks that I wanted. I’ve used them to create business cards for my company Davlic Media, and I always get a great response when it comes to handing out those cards and I often get asked who designed my logo.

I also create websites for local businesses as a bit of a sideline to my affiliate marketing efforts and instead of me having to go and create logos and headers. I just refer my clients directly to Logo Nerds, which worked out brilliant for me as I don’t have to worry about all the to-ing and fro-ing of changes and amendments, and it means I can simply get on and build the site and work on the SEO of the site, which is what I’m being paid for.

Logo Nerds really are a great company, and I will be using them for a very long time to come.