I’ve used LogoNerds for many years and up until last week I was very happy with them in the service that they offered. I was even recommending them to clients and customers of mine, along with friends and family who have all use them in the past.

However, last week I was welcomed in my email inbox by a past client of mine who had a letter from Getty images.

Basically, in this letter Getty images was telling my client that the image in his header that LogoNerds had designed was an image they owned the rights to and that they were going to chase him for just over £1300.

The first thing I did was get on the phone to a client telling not to do anything until I looked further into this situation. Although this is not directly my problem, seeing as I had supplied the logo to my clients from LogoNerds I saw it as my problem.

I contacted LogoNerds and received a very short but blunt email the told me that in their terms and conditions. It clearly states that the images do not belong to them and it’s the user’s responsibility to check the rights of all the images before they go on to your website.

I see this as being totally unreasonable and also a very shady tactic that will cost hundreds if not thousands of people across the Internet a lot of money and I’m hoping that one day LogoNerds gets sued and shut down as I feel that they are ripping people off and mis-selling.

I’ve got my solicitor to write a letter to Getty images to explain the situation and hopefully all going well, we shall get away with the smaller fine than what Getty images currently already want.

I am very, very angry at LogoNerds at the moment and after a lot of digging around the Internet, I discovered that there are many people online who have suffered the same consequences that my client is currently suffering.

I tried posting a thread on the warrior forum. However, it was very quickly removed. But there were some responses in that thread that basically said that the same had happened to them also.

I do not understand how companies like LogoNerds can get away with doing this innocent people on the Internet and yet they still exist and are spouting their advertising and marketing throughout the Internet.

If you have experienced the same or similar situation to my client, then please comment below. As I am looking at ways of taking this matter further and hopefully going to stop this from happening to anyone else again.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have learned something today from it.

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