Hello All,

Its been a while since i have posted I have been frantically working on a few pretty neat projects involving RSS feeds Blogger and a host of other interesting tactics. I will go into more detail of exactly what I have been doing in a few weeks when I get some cold hard facts in.

This post today is being written because the last few weeks i have been consistently over complicating tasks for no other reason than I thought I was beyond doing the simple ways after all I am a full time marketer… ok so I have been wrong and stupid the last few weeks.. but the last couple of days I have been building sites using a simple method and pretty much straight away I started seeing results and boy was I happy..

OK so this started making think about why we do things and why we stop doing the simple things. I mean when I first started I use to spend hours doing keyword research and looking for the perfect domain name and I would spend hours scouring forums posting advice and tips to drive traffic.

But these things have stopped, well not all of them but a lot of them and I started to think why?

Why don’t I go to forums and start posting advice to push my latest info product? I think its because it seems to easy and simple that I have over looked it. I am not going to lie I make a comfortable living from my online endeavors but still if i actually stopped messing with PHP code and trying to get things perfect and actually dropped back and did some simple promotion and actual marketing I might be in an even better position.

So this post is about the K.I.S.S. method…

Keep It Simple Stupid and basically this means do the simple things if they work and don’t over look them even if you think the task is below you now… ok now I am sounding arrogant but seriously don’t over look or over complicate things that don’t need to be.

If someone says go to blogger and start a blog don’t go to wordpress and start looking at domains… go to blogger!

I have realised the last few days that I need to go back to basics and this is going to be my focus for the next few weeks to see if I can increase my income even further by pursuing the little gems that I use to do when I was first starting out in internet marketing.

That’s all for today