Well today was a little bit better but still not good. I ended up £7.08 down which is not good.

I traded fairly well and I have been watching Caan Berry’s trading video pack and that has had a few good tips in it that I tried implementing in today’s trading and to be frank it did work out every time so that was a result.

WHat seems to go wrong is that I let my losses run out of control and then try and chase them. I have also got a bit too reliant on my servant as well and that bit me in arese today and produced a £6.25 loss when it took the sp and then greened up but for that loss.

I was thinking today that I really should start at looking at some pictures again and try and get my head right into things but as ever I am not totally focused but still none the less I will do my best the rest of the week.

I am only trading the evening races at the moment and that is not ideal but still it is better than nothing.

Stay tuned for more updates on my Pre Race horse racing trading journey.