Offline Marketing ConsultantI have not been updating my blog very much recently because I have been flat out busy with lots of different projects and my offline consulting business has doubled in the last 6 months with new clients being added every single week which is proving to be fantastic for both me and my bank balance.

My company Davlic Media has been around since I started working online as the name means I could dabble in all sorts of industries and not have to keep changing names and it also makes my business banking a hell of a lot easier along with my accountant and financial advisor can see everything in one place which can only mean one thing.

I mentioned earlier that my SEO side of Davlic Media has been growing very nicely over the last 6 months and I have to say I am not only shocked by this but I am shocked that there is a lot of seo companies out there that are simply not delivering what they promise.

Three of my latest clients have fallen foul of a company who are so called Search engine marketing experts who just seem to string their clients along and make no attempt at getting results that they promised them.

One of my clients contacted me through word of mouth which for me is the best way of marketing any business and he was telling me that he is tied into a SEO company for the next 10 months and was worried about the lack of work that they were doing or should I say results…

So I suggested to him that he just asks them for a monthly report on what they are doing etc… He got a barrage of abuse in fact that is all he got from the company no results no extra traffic just abuse and billed each month.

I took pity on this company and decided that telling him that its going to cost him £400 a month for my services and I want 12 month contract and one months payment up front is probably not going to be the right way to approach him especially as he described the SEO industry as full of sharks.

My strategy was to prove to him first that I could rank him and show him what I can do for his business and I did not want any money up front at all I just wanted to prove to him that I was the real deal and that I can get him the results he has so desperately been looking for.

My offer was for me to rank for a keyword of his choice and to get it page one google results but top 3 in the organic search as I explained that this is still the best place to be in google. I said that when I get this result I will invoice him for £400.

This was a no win no fee deal and he snapped it up…

6 days had passed and I had taken this company from page 3 of google to number 8 on the first page he was over the moon he could now see that I walk the walk… He asked me if he should pay me now and I said nope…. I said I promised top 3 results and that is what I am getting for you. He was shocked that I turned down the money but respected my business ethics and I continued to work my magic..

another 10 days past and at 2am one Friday morning I did a quick check and POW we were sat at number 3.

I emailed him straight away and he sent me the money before I had even done an invoice for him. I have now taken him on as a client and he happily pays me a monthly fee each month.

Not every month do I get results like what I showed him but he can see his traffic improve and of course his bottom line is looking a lot healthier now.

I often get told about how efficient and effective my marketing tactics are and how that it surprises people how quickly I get results and how quickly they start to see a return on their investment. I am always proud of the things I achieve I worked hard to get results, everything I do I take by the balls and destroy goals.

Those of you that follow me on twitter see me on a personal level and on a business level I Tweet about results but not only the successes but the screw ups… I do screw I make huge errors but I always correct them and make them better.

People come to the offline marketing niche thinking that its an easy profitable niche and the easiest way to make money online… I am not going to deny that its easy and boy is it profitable but you need to know the basics of the industry first and it worries me that a lot of questions over at the warrior forum are by people who have taken on clients and have promised them the world but can give them nothing…

Lots of people have seen me rant and destroy these people in threads on the Warrior Forum and I am often told off for calling people chancers and sharks. I hate seeing people get ripped off and I work hard to bring up the SEO industry and its reputation.

One thing that you need to be able to do as an offline consultant and that is you need to understand SEO you need to have evidence that you can rank sites for keywords and I am not talking about keyword rich domain names I am talking about proper SEO strategies that mean you can rank for any keyword using any domain name.

I made my name in affiliate marketing and I only got the reputation for being an awesome SEO consultant by getting results and making lots of money through affiliate marketing. I don’t need to advertise my SEO services as people come to me and they don’t interview me I interview them, If I took on everybody who approached me for SEO advice I would be flat out busy and not make any money.

Affiliate marketing is in my blood and that is my primary business model as it means I can work as and when and not have to deal with clients however being an offline consultant has opened up many more business opportunities for both me and and Davlic Media to look into which is why I enjoy getting out of the office and talking to people.

The point of this post is just to

“Under Promise And Always Over Deliver”

Offline Marketing Consultant