Hi guys,

I’m making a point now where I will be updating my blog as often as I possibly can. It’s been manic few weeks with lots of projects going on and I have been taking on new clients on my SEO side of my business, so it’s been very profitable but the headache has been a bit big.

But today I was looking through my old videos I created last year and found quite handy little video on how I do my niche research and in fact finding niche products to sell on our autoblogs or my Amazon affiliate sites.

If you take a look below you will see the video.

Sorry I’m not very good on camera I occasionally forget to breath so do apologise for that.

Some of the points I go over our that you looking for a products that are priced over $100 to have more than 70 reviews and also have good reviews. There is no point trying to promote a product that does not have four or five star rating as this will struggle to convert into sales.

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for a long time now and is a really good way of making money each month. In fact I prefer the Amazon platform to the eBay platform now has more more people are using Amazon to buy everyday items.

If you have any questions then please contact me as be more than happy to help.

How to Find a Nice