Productivity and goalsA lot of people new to the internet marketing world are always asking how they can be more productive. Getting things done can be very hard especially if enjoy facebook or you tube.

Firstly, with every site I build I always have a an action plan for it… every single site! So before I even turn my laptop on I know what I am doing. What categories the site will have what products the lay out ect ect.

I will then look at each stage and draw a checklist up of what needs doing and then I will set a deadline for when I want the whole site completed. I will then split each of teh tasks up and decide what needs to be done. This becomes my to do list.

The trouble is I tend to not want to spend a whole day on just one project as I do get bored even if I am do9ing the most exciting niche sites I will get bored. So I split my day up into more interesting jobs and I will probably work on 3 different sites every day.

The other thing i do is I dont check my mail till later on in the day as I have found I am more productive in the morning that I am in the afternoon so I try and get the bulk of my tasks done before 12 and then the afternoon I will work on the less taxing of tasks like twitter and checking email.

So to increase productivity I have a plan and a to do list and every single day I have to work through my plan and I dont stop until I have hit the days targets. I only play when I have hit the targets so if I decide that I want to go for a beer tuesday night my work has to be done.

Having the lists and plans is what i use to keep me focussed and I beleive that it is these plans that make more productive and I can hit my goals a lot easier.