Google AdsenseAt last, Google has finally accepted casino gambling related sites into their AdSense programs. I’ve been building casino affiliate sites for as long as I can remember and these were the first insight I had into affiliate marketing.

The trouble is with the casino and gambling niche is that visitors to your site normally have two sign up to the casino and place bets to play poker online before you make any money. However, now that Google is allowing AdSense to be displayed on casino and gambling sites it means that you can get paid per click. So what this means is that even though your site may only get a little bit of traffic it means that it’s a few less steps for the visitor to complete before you make money.

I received an e-mail from Google today explaining this, however, it would appear that the AdSense ads are not allowed to display casinos or gambling related products in however I’m sure Google will have demographically targeted the ads. I’m confident that Google would have thought this out and I’m sure that the price per click will be worthwhile.

So does this mean for me?

Well, it means that my dormant casino sites that have not touched in a few years will get a new lease of life and will be making a little bit more money. Even if it is only a few pence a day from AdSense.

AdSense is now growing to be one of my biggest earners in affiliate marketing, eBay Partner network used to be absolutely sensational. Ss far as my earnings were concerned I used to make the most amount of money from eBay, the since the changes to eBay and generally eBay. They are making it a lot harder for affiliate’s to make money.

It is just a quick post to let you know the news and to fill you in. Maybe this will get your mind going and maybe you’ll start making money from Sbobet on your gambling affiliate sites now.

Be pleased to hear from anybody is making money from AdSense on the gambling sites and be keen to find out how much they’re making per click.

Enjoy the rest your weekend.