The first few days of me solely trading pre-race has kinder failed and to break even more rules this evening I created two more bots to start testing. That pretty much sums up new year’s resolutions.

Anyway, so how is it going?

Well, my pre-race trading is profitable and going ok, I am making silly mistakes and doing stupid things, but overall I don’t think I am doing too bad considering I have not indeed traded pre-race in a long time. I find myself telling myself what to do, and yet my fingers seem to have a mind of their own and my head is right, yet I have been a dick and clicked what y fingers want.

However, watching videos back I can see where I go wrong, so I am hoping I learn from my mistakes.

When I Went In Play

Now, I love trading in play and I had always enjoyed it so it is no real surprise that went “in play” a few times when I said I wouldn’t. However, the slight difference this time was that I greened out via a servant as it went in play and then made a decision to take it back in play when I saw opportunities. So I think in these cases then it is not all bad and I was in total control.

Leading on from that, I watched a badger video about “in play” scalping and a concept that was very interesting. I then watched a few market videos back, and I saw this same opportunity happen a few times in every race, so I think I have created an automation bot to hopefully do this for me and also a lot quicker than me. As always this is early days and the bot may be complete dog turd, but that is all part of the fun.

I have not been trading massively as I am in the middle of some big purchases, but I have been very busy, and that should come to an end very soon as the deal will be done. I can then get back to my normal life, and there should quite literally have loads of spare time to trade. All being well that is.

Anyway I am still in profit and doing ok. Not massively great but not bad.

If any of you are reading this have any pointers or suggestions, then please use the comment section below or on Youtube and let me know as positive comments and constructive criticism is always welcome.