Danny Cutts SkimboardingAfter spending 5 weeks in south east Asia, mainly Malaysia and then coming back to England to move house and then do a tour of wales in my kit car and then have friends over, all while trying to run my online empire but only by using my HTC its been a tough few months but we are making progress.

Today I finally got my net connection which was the final stage of getting my home office up and running.

I spent the later part of last week looking at office desks and trying find one that would be best suited for my room and after looking long and hard and often falling over with shock with some of the prices of desks I decided that I should use my skills as a craftsmen and make my own :-)

I got a sheet of 25mm thick MDF delivered and set to work at cutting it out and then routering the edges and sanding the sides so that it looks slick :-)

That was the top sorted I just needed some legs…. I headed over to my local DIY superstore and found some legs but I did not want to pay what they wanted and haggled them down quite a fair bit :-) Yes I haggled a famous UK DIY superstore….

All fitted and painted and my new office desk is perfetc and only cost just short of £100 which was I though was a bargain and also it kept me occupied while I waited for broadband to get sorted out.

For those of you who know me know that I am a bit of a water baby and that I am obsessed with the sea and that I love anything to do with it. When I was in Malaysia I was competing in the international Skimboarding competition and all though I am not that great I still did ok…

However the southcoast of england is not quite as warm as malaysia so I need to wear a wet suite to handle the the freezing waters but still none the less I have bought some kayaks and been out a fair few times and its great fun… yes I am a big kid.

My new house is exactly 140m from the beach so im always walking down to the beach to see what is going on and one one of my visits this week I saw some kids playing about in the rock pools and so went to see what they were catching….. SHRIMPS!!!!!

Oh yes, they were catching shrimps…. That was it I was off to the local store to get a net and some ham…. within in an hour we had caught about 10 good sized shrimps which we had for our tea that evening… what great fun…

The following day I went to my local tackle shop and got kitted out for some sea fishing gear and headed to a beach that was recommended for good fishing :-) I was there for 3 hours and I caught 8 good sized mackerel….

I’m really enjoying living by the sea, the fact that even if I had zero money I could still survive by catchging my dinner and living off what the land provided, if I had a garden I could almost be self sufficient….

My aim in life was to be financially independent and now that I have achieved that I am now really interested in trying my life self sufficient and seeing how long I can survive by growing my own food and seeing how much money I can save by catching my food and growing my own vegetables etc…

This is what I have been doing for the last coup;le of weeks while I try and get my office and life back to some sort of routine, I am thankful that my business allows me lots of spare time to do the things |I want and that I dont need to actually have to work as such for my living.

Over the next few weeks I am however going to working exceptionally hard to get a lot of new sites built and promoted and I want to get to a new earning level by Christmas but not only that I want to spend more time fishing and more time with Jane.

Quite a rambling post today… I promise next week that I will be more focused and I will start showing some of myt online money making techn iques….

All the best

Danny Cutts