So what is going on in the world of Danny Cutts?

I’ve decided that I don’t make enough videos and seeing as I have Camtasia Studio and a pretty awesome WebCam, So I figured it is almost a waste it sitting on my PC doing nothing. So I decided that over the next month I will be creating a video and uploading it to YouTube and discussing one aspect of my business everyday only for a few minutes a day and hopefully by the end of it, you will get a feeling about me, my ethics and how I run my business.

The first video is about my site and just basic talk you through a few things on the site about what I do and what the site aims to achieve and explains a little on how I aim to help you, the reader.

I would really like it if you signed up to our newsletter. Don’t worry, we won’t harass you, in fact; we don’t send out a massive amount of e-mails a week because we are far too busy actually working on making a living. So don’t worry about being spammed to death with offers. If we do ever send you an offer, then we strongly believe that this product or service is worthy of us creating an e-mail and sending it to you, so we recommend that you check your e-mails when they come in. You could miss out on some vital information that may help you and your business.

As you can you tell I’m using Dragon Naturally Speaking to write my posts and to create content, and this post has taken me about 5 minutes to create so I’m still very much in love with using Dragon Naturally Speaking. On that note, I got asked on the warrior forum the other day what version I used and to answer the question I use the home version 11.5. I also get around 95% success rate, and it doesn’t take very much editing to get my articles to read correctly, which is fantastic news.

Thank you for reading my blog, and I look forward to hearing your comments.