dan brocks deadbeat Super Affiliate ReviewDan Brock is the chap behind the Profitzon program, I also recently reviewed Profitzon and I loved it you can read the Profitzon review here

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate outlines step-by-step methods used by Dan to make over $90,000 monthly from Amazon Associate programs.

Dan Brock is seen in the internet marketing world as a bit of an amazon affiliate guru, I dont normally call people gurus but Dan really does know what works and what doesn’t and he does’nt hold back. The Deadbeat Super Affiliate gives you everything you need to not only get started but take you to an earning level that you are going to be more than happy with.

When I heard about Dan Brock’s latest course, The Deadbeat Super Affiliate, I just had to buy it and see for myself and I have to say once again Mr Brock has over delivered and for the price of a measly $37 I was shocked, he is practically giving it away.

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate teaches you how to set up review sites for physical products (not just Amazon) and shows you exactly how to write content, not only does Dan show you how to write killer reviews, the content is google proof but also converts visitors into buyers which if you ask me is more important than anything else.

Dan Brocks Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a video course that takes you step by step on how to get making money and this business model is proven to work very well. I watched all the videos in one sitting, yes, I think I was at my computer for pretty much the whole day watching Dan take me by the hand and show me exactly how he makes enough money to own and drive a Porsche 911.

What I like about The Deadbeat Super Affiliate is that it does not just show you how to create the review blogs it actually shows you how to make sure that google and the other search engines are happy, and when you can do that the traffic just flows in.

There are 2 bonus’s in the members area also an hour long webinar which in my opinion is worth the $37 in itself.

Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review Bonus

Even if you know a bit about physical product promoting and you are making a fair bit of money have you considered promoting the same products in a different language like German? Well Dan shows you his exact strategy on what he does to do this and best of all the competition is tiny as most marketers are promoting Amazon.com and not Amazon.de.

I have to say that The Deadbeat Super Affiliate program has under promised and over delivered. I am really happy with it and I will be using it to expand on my ever growing physical product empire.

Danny Cutts