I was feeling confident today especially after yesterdays trading with the best profit of my £50K challenge, so I got stuck in and the first trade made me £2.58 which was way-way better than yesterdays start. However, throughout the day I was just consistently losing, and then I would win a few and lose a few more.

The markets felt odd, and the odds were jumping all over the place it really was a crappy day. Betfair has also seemed to be running quite slow as well on my browser so I am not entirely sure why that is but either way I was lucky today with the fact I only lost £5.11 on the Horses.

However, I did have an email from a chap who has been following me on youtube, and he sent me over a strategy for football, and frankly I hate football, but I am always up for finding some good ways to make some easy money. I have to say that I did about six trades and every single one of them showed a profit which was awesome.

I am not going to divulge exactly what I was shown for now because I want to pressure test it and tweak it a little to make sure that its a system that can be repeated. I am not totally convinced that this is going to show a profit over a long period of time and I think with one loss it could wipe out a day’s winnings.

The football betting strategy I was shown was not using bet Angel software, but I decided that Bet Angel would be perfect this and I was quickly using it and it made a whole lot more sense and also took out all the maths that you may need to get the profit :D

Anyway, so lets look at the nitty gritty of today…

Todays Profit and Loss

Todays Profit and Loss

So a total loss for the day of £1.25 which is not bad considering how bad I was today.

Trading betfair horse markets are not as easy as everybody else on youtube seems to make out