Automation On The Horse Racing Markets

Tragedy has struck my family as I watched my aunty lose her battle with cancer and to be honest it has really fucked with my head so decided that I need a few weeks away from the trading room and just generally have some space to wind down and relax. Well last night I was

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The Patent Success Racing System

The patent success racing system is guaranteed to produce some sort of return on your money almost every time.  Ok I will admit that sometimes the returns are less than the stake money, but at other times your returns on a basic £14 bet will be well into three figures which do make me open

Could Have Been Better

Today I am still trading the evening markets and I was doing pretty well then I got slapped by a £1.36 loss and then I kinder just lost my way and fumbled through the markets then just making stupid mistakes and hanging on to trades that I should have binned off. I was letting the

In Play Needs to Stop

I have been trading all week and to be honest I have enjoyed it but as always I have been going in play and yesterday I laid two winners which was savage on my betting bank. The worst thing about it is the way it feels afterwards. especially if you take away the losses and

Trading Update – Still Plodding On

Well, I may have been quiet on social media and youtube, but that does not mean I have not been busy with bet angel. Since having a baby and generally enjoying being a dad I have taken a lot of time away from the screens and used the time to refresh my brain and get

Fun Bets – The Bets The Bookies Love!!!

The bookies love the bets they take each morning before the horse racing begins, the Heinz and the Yankees are the bets that we as mug punters push over the counter in search of big returns. The bookies love these types of bets because they get to keep about 36% of all the money that

Should I Look At Football Trading Instead? Goal Profits!!!

I have been messing about with horse racing trading for about 18 months, and as a whole, I am up, and my bank is quite healthy. However, I feel like I am going backwards with my trading and it is frustrating me somewhat, and then that has a bad effect on my profit and loss

Daily Trading Update

I have been flat out busy on other projects but in between being a dad and working my arse off I am getting a fair amount of trading in and I am loving it and I am making some good profits. I have made the conscious effort to not trade hours upon hours at a

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