Bring the Fresh is an internet marketing course that is the creation of Kelly Felix and Mike Long it is a fantastic course, and both chaps are unbelievably successful in the online marketing arena and have generated millions of dollars over the years. I have to say that both Kelly and Mike know what they are talking about, and because of their successes online they know what works and what doesn’t.

Bring The Fresh is dedicated in taking its members by the hand and teaching them how to make money online with niche affiliate sites using video tutorials and members only forum and the member’s forum is absolutely awesome.

I hope that you enjoy my Bring The Fresh review and finding out about the Bring The Fresh course, if you have any comments or questions then please leave them below.

Here is my unbiased Bring The Fresh review…

I came to hear about Bring The Fresh from a good friend of mine, he has been a member of Bring The Fresh for a long time and was making some good money using the systems shown in the course. I soon started reading Bring The Fresh reviews on the Warrior Forum about how awesome this course was. I am a strong believer in where there’s smoke, there’s fire, So I just had to go and check it out, and that is what has compelled me to write this Bring The Fresh review.

To be honest I wasn’t too keen on having to sign up to another membership site but my friend Chris was making some decent money, and I was interested to see why Bring The Fresh was creating such a buzz everywhere on the internet that I had to get inside and start watching the videos.

After a quick browse around the Bring The Fresh member’s area I was actually blown away by what I saw, I knew Chris said it was good, but seriously I was shocked by the amount of quality content that Kelly and Mike had put together. I soon started to realise that Bring The Fresh is really making it easy for people to learn how to make money online, and you don’t need any skills to do it.

Bring The Fresh Review

So let’s get back to who Kelly Felix and Mike Long are.

Kelly Felix - Bring The FreshKelly Felix: Anybody who has been online and especially in the internet marketing world will have heard about an eBook that made an absolute rake load of money, and it was called The Rich Jerk and the guy behind it was Kelly Felix, and it was a brilliant read and changed the lives of many people, and I strongly recommend you get a hold of a copy and read it.

Mike Long - Bring The FreshMike Long: Frank Kern and Mike Long were behind Stompernet, Pipeline Profits, Annihilation engine and many more massive launches. He understands people, and he knows how to market and when Mike speaks people stop and listen, and he is always at the cutting edge of the internet marketing niche.

The combination of Mike Long and Kelly felix means that Bring The Fresh is going to be hugely successful and not just for them as the founders but for every member involved as Bring The fresh over delivers when it comes to quality content.

So what is Bring The Fresh? How Can It Make Me Money?

Kelly and Mike have devised a fantastic SEO system, and that is what Bring The Fresh is based on they have created an obscene amount of money making niche sites using the Bring The Fresh system. However, unlike all the other make money online courses out there Mike and Kelly actually show you their own personal sites, which means you can reverse engineer them and see further how they are making literally thousands of dollars a day from affiliate marketing.

Below is a quick video of what you can see in the members area.

With Kelly and Mike sharing their sites right from the start of signing up to Bring The Fresh you can go straight to Google and take a look at how well they perform in the search results, and this is where a lot of other marketers shy away as a lot of them don’t have the sites to back up the claims and this is absolutely huge.

I take pride in the experience I have gained from learning SEO for the last 12 years and although Google keeps unleashing zoo animals on our sites. I have had some great successes and beating the panda and the penguin but don’t get me wrong I have had my fair share of slaps and after reading through the quick start pdf ( I use  when I need to convert pdf to word, you can also access files saved in cloud storage systems) Bring the Fresh provides even I learnt a few nifty little tricks about being safe from Google.

Bring The Fresh

I sell my seo services to companies all over the world so I know the Bring the fresh system is quite literally fool proof and more importantly it works as a lot of the methods that are outlined in the course are ones I use every day, and so you can be rested assured you are not wasting your time, and you are building a business that will stand the test of time.

Look you probably found this Bring The Fresh review from searching in Google so you can see totally that I know what I am talking about, and I can personally give Bring the Fresh my blessing.

The Video Training That Takes Bring The Fresh To The Next Level

The fast start guide that is provided by Bring the fresh is fantastic, and you can quite literally get started in the first day of reading it, but a pdf is not exactly going to cut the mustard when it comes to the nitty gritty training and well if a picture is a 1000 words a video is a complete replacement, and it gives you an “over the shoulder” view of how Kelly and Mike actually make money, and we are not talking about a few grainy videos. The Members area is rammed to the rafters with training that is second to none.

Bring The Fresh

There are videos on market research, how to choose the right affiliate offer to promote and even a step by step video where Kelly takes you by the hand and shows you how he builds the Bring The fresh money making niche sites from scratch. I don’t know of any training out there that does this and goes into the amount of depth that Bring The Fresh does.

The Bring The Fresh Community That Keeps On Giving

So the video training takes video training to a new level, and all the case studies are out of this world but where Bring The Fresh really does excel is in the community forum, and this is not like any other forum online. The success stories are genuine and there is nobody selling anything, so there is no reason for anyone to spout bull shit unlike the warrior forum where the only reason why someone posts a success story is to launch a crappy WSO later in the month.

Bring The Fresh Members Forum

The Bring the Fresh forum is different its crowded of people and when I say full, I mean rammed to the rafters of members who are making money with the Bring The Fresh system, and I took a look today and there are 396 threads that are success stories and that is nearly 400 people who are successful enough to be compelled about telling people their story that is pretty damn good. However, what takes Bring The Fresh to a new level is that everybody is so helpful and willing to share their methods and so the forum is like a further education platform where the members are the teachers and show off what they are doing and this very powerful.

The power of an online community is that the members give the support to the members who are falling behind and are losing motivation, they offer fantastic pick me up and gives you a reason to push on a show people that you are not a quitter. Both Kelly and Mike are active members of the forum, and they often participate in threads and Kelly posts almost daily.

A forum is a brilliant way to learn, and I have read a lot of posts from people that are making $2,000 $3,000 and there is one chap called Jimmy, who is making $14,000 a month and these are real-life people who are active on this forum. The join up fee for Bring The Fresh is worth it for just the forum alone.

My Thoughts On Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh is for people who want to earn a residual income by creating simple but very effective money making niche sites by getting them on to the first page of the major search engines and for keywords that will bring you money month after month. The Bring The Fresh System does work but don’t forget that you need the $97 to sign up, but you will also need a bit of money for domain names, hosting and a few other bits and bobs along the way but one thing I will promise you is that you won’t be wasting money it will be one of the best investments of your life, and it is worth the $97 and that is my total and honest opinion.

Bring The Fresh

Danny Cutts

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