Backlinking BasicsBacklinking is probably one of the most important tasks of my day. I wont spend a huge amount of time doing it but it still is extremely important.

I am not going to lie I never use to do any backlinking I never really needed to I always managed to get fantastic search engine rankings from just good keyword selection and just generally brilliant on page SEO. However over the last few years i have noticed a need to do a bit more to get my sites ranking and well backlinking is definitely the way I like.

So where do yoet backlinks from?

Well, if you can find a place to leave your domain name that is a backlink…. that’s pretty much it in its most simplest form!

However there is a lot of tactics you can employ to get the most out of your backlinks. The first thing is try and get your Link on a related site, say for example you are in the Forex industry so ideally you want lots of links point from different foxex sites this would give google a good indication that you are an authority site in the forex industry.

Secondly you want your anchor text to be related to your niche so keeping with the forex niche you would have a forex keyword like “easy forex” as your anchor text. This is basically telling the search engines what you should find if you follow that link.

There are many ways in which you can get backlinks and find them I cheated and bought 5000 Backlinks which is a package of 5000 Backlinks and every day I grab a selection and post post comments on blogs or create forum profiles.

The backlink package is a fantatsic price and worth every single penny! I can honestly say that this backlink package has made me £10,000 in the last 8 months easily!

The 5000 Backlinks defiantly is worth the money however if money is tight and i know exactly how it is when you are starting out you can do a search in google.

The best place to go start looking is of course google and simple by typing your niche keyword and the word blog should give you enough blogs to go commenting on.

Oh yes blog commenting…. please dont spam remember that spamming is not the way to build a business!! If you leave great comments and actually interact with the blog you will soon start to see that people will see you as an expert in that field. If you spam your comments will never see the light of day and you will simply be wasting your time.

I can go into great detail about backlinking and do follow and no follow but i wont just yet!  Just start getting use to finding blogs to comment on leaving great replies!


Danny Cutts Affilate Marketer