Tragedy has struck my family as I watched my aunty lose her battle with cancer and to be honest it has really fucked with my head so decided that I need a few weeks away from the trading room and just generally have some space to wind down and relax.

Well last night I was reading about a really simple system of where you lay the 2nd favourite horse and I decided to quickly set up a bot to do that for me and I let it run….

Here are the results

I wont lie this gambling any win you see that is only a few pence is where the Bot hedged up but everything else is laying and letting it go in play with £2 liabilities.

I don’t expect much from this bot to be honest but bearing in mind that 2 of the favourites went on to win it is not too bad really. Do £3.40 everyday of the week and your are still looking at £100 a month.

I have tweaked the bot for tomorrow now to move my offset by 10 ticks and then also to keep all unmatched bets… Ideally I want the offset to match and then we are all good.

This is just to pass the time while I get my shit together