Authority Anthem - Take Control Of Your LifeThis e-book is jammed with the words of a few really smart, very successful individuals discussing the things they do to handle their own thinking, their own emotions, and their own lives. They speak of the things they do to help themselves construct greater success. Along the way, they consistently draw in lucky breaks. Among the grand benefits of hearing from a lot of different contributors is the diversity of expression. And just as everybody states things in their own unequaled way, each of us likewise hears things in our own way. I trust that you’ll find something in this book that speaks to you in precisely the way you hear.

Interestingly, most of these people don’t believe in luck. But, they tell us about perpetual streams of “serendipitous” or “synchronistic” events that habitually occur in their daily lives. I’d suppose they don’t like the word “luck” generally because it connotes that there’s no way to command it. They have learned better.

This is a free ebook and you can give it away, add it to bonuses. You can do anything you like with it.

Authority Anthem