After My OperationHello everybody,

on Tuesday I was set to go to hospital for my operation. I have a hernia and being only 26 I was told that I was quite young and possibly I should not have had one yet but none the less I had one and it was causing me a fair amount of pain so the operation was a must.

I got to the hospital and luckily being a private hospital I was quickly shown to my room and shown all the facilities I had I was told I was number 2 on the list so I can expect to go down at about 14:00 that was quite nice and I just spent the time chatting with my girlfriend and admiring how nice the hospital was.

We had some bad news and that was that we had been moved down the list to number 5… but hey that was only about 16:00 so we just carried on I decided to go for a sleep and that passed the time.

I have not had anything to drink from the night before and I have not eaten either, yes I was hungry and yes I was thirsty. At 19:00 I was taken down, I had to wear a glamorous knight gown and my flip flops.

I was given teh anesthetic which hurt a lot and I mean a lot then I woke up some time later a bit dazed and was informed that I was finished. I was feeling sooooo cold and shivering so I was given some blankets while I was waiting for the nurse to get me back to my room.

I got back to the room and I was given a kinder electric blanket and I was warming up lovely I then started to feel very sick and that was that for about 20 mins I was being sick my girlfriend got covered (bless her) I then fell asleep.

The following day my parents came to pick me up and i had not been to the toilet and the nurse was getting worried and the more I was told to go I was getting more frustrated, then all of a sudden I was able to go and what a feeling.

So it was a bit like the pringles once you pop you cant stop… and boy I was peeing every couple of minutes!!

I had to stop on the way home to unload my bladder and when I finally made it home I was plonked down on the sofa and I was able to fire up my laptop and get back to work… not quite but still managed to check my emails.

I was in agony absolute chronic pain and walking and getting up was an absolute nightmare!! I had the help of my girlfriend to get around and the last few days she has been fantastic!

I am now feeling a lot better and all the bruising is coming out now and the pain is easing and I think in a few days time I will be able to walk again properly and then a week or so I should be able to drive…. I hope!

I have still been doing bits to my sites and building backlinks as this takes almost no brain power and is very easy to do while watching TV :-)

This has nothing internet marketing related but is just a little more about me!

Danny Cutts