I have been getting a few questions via email and twitter about affiliate marketing, and if there are any secrets that they should know about. There are about seven secrets to Affiliate marketing, and I am going to split these up into seven posts. I hope you enjoy reading them, don’t forget to read the kingkong com au review to get more tips.

I have been a successful affiliate, sorry I don’t mean I have “been” I should say that I am still a successful affiliate, I have been making a full time living off my marketing and promoting for many years now, and I have refined my tactics quite considerably and although the internet is changing the affiliate marketing strategies are not so hopefully in this post you should understand a little more about how to be a successful affiliate who will in time put more money in your pocket, if I can give you one advise before you start is to choose a digital agency that accommodates and manages your type of business and desired style.

Most affiliates out there don’t get an affiliate payment at all regularly, and it wasn’t until 2008 that I started to get paid regularly from the same affiliate program and when you get six or so cheques in a row from a company, you can see yourself as being slightly successful.

If you adopt the strategies that I talk about I am sure you will be on your way to making more commissions and regularly as well. I have travelled the world just off the back of money that I have made from promoting products online. The photo below is of me snorkelling in the great barrier reef in Australia. I decided to take a year and do some travelling :-) That is why I love affiliate marketing :-)

This doesn’t mean you have to stick to what I do, you still need to be yourself, and you need to work things your way so don’t let this stop you being you.

Danny Cutts At The Great Barrier Reef

Secret #1: Pre-Sell The Product

When you are driving traffic to an affiliate product, you need to master the art of how to pre sell before you even try to send them to the product page. Basically, this means that you never send the traffic directly to the affiliate product page.

You need to make sure that you have a “go between” page that explains to your visitors why they should go to the actual product page and then purchase it. The trick with this part of the affiliate process is not to give it the hard sell. You need to warm your visitors up and get them into a nice frame of mind as to why and how the product will solve their problems.

If you are offering a bonus to them if they buy the product through your link, then make sure that you mention that as soon on as possible and make it very clear to them, and you may also find that hard selling the bonus that you are offering is the way to go. A sales promotion planning is usually the best way to go to catch customers attention, in particular when you need to pre-sell a product.

I have found that if your bonus compliments the affiliate product that you are promoting then be sure to mention it and explain to the visitor what it will do to them and why having your bonus will give the edge to the reader.

The bonus that you offer can be a tutorial or some videos or an ebook or even some software, just as long as it adds value to the affiliate product that you are promoting. Make sure that you remind them that if they don’t but the product through your link, subsequently they don’t get your bonus. I have in the past had people emailing me for the bonus, and they have bought the product from someone elses link and then ask for my bonus. I have simply replied explaining to them that they didn’t buy through my link and offer to sell them the bonus which has worked out quite well.

I know of one well known marketer that told someone to refund the product and then re buy it through his link and got into a lot of trouble with clickbank. This is a big no no when it comes to affiliating marketing, and you need to remember to try to be ethical about the whole process.

Remember to try and build a list as you are promoting affiliate products, that is a tip we got from the best Kansas City marketing agency, you can offer a bonus if someone signs up to your list. This has worked great for me in many of my niches and building an email list is the easiest way to engage your past visitors and make future affiliate commissions, however you do need to make sure that you comply to all the privacy laws and let the visitor know that you don’t sell, swap or share email addresses, and that you take their privacy very seriously.

I always like to hide or “cloak” my affiliate links, I do this the old fashioned way of using a php redirect, and that is because I like to have complete control over my affiliate links. However, I think cloaking links is too much of a long subject for today, so I will do another blog post on that at some point in the future.

I hope you have learnt something in the first part of “Affiliate Marketing Secrets” if you have any questions, then leave them below, and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

Danny Cutts