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Twitters Emergency Service

Twitter Emergency Alerts

When the Japanese tsunami hit the news spread like wild fire across Twitter and this happened before the news even knew about the natural disaster. It was quite clear that the social network had taken on the role far beyond its usual of gossip and social news. Within an hour all the phone lines were down and more than 1,200 ...

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Author HReview Review – What A Fantastic Review Plugin

Author HReview

As you can see I’m finally getting into a routine of adding new fantastic content to Danny, and hopefully you are enjoying what I have been talking about and more to the point taking action. I received a Skype message today from someone who’s seen one of my posts on one of the forums that I visit, and they ...

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How To Use Scrape Box To Blog Comment

ScrapeBox Tutorial

ScrapeBox has been a very useful tool for me over the years and like I showed you in the first video of my ScrapeBox series it is a very very good tool to have at your disposal. In the first article on ScrapeBox, I wrote about it being blackhat tool and not being a blackhat tool, but as I said ...

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ScrapeBox – How To Find Blogs To Comment On


Scrapebox has to be one of the tools that you either love it or hate it or simply have never heard of it. I have had Scrapebox since it first came out all those years ago, and I have to say it has become a valuable part of my internet marketing toolbox. There are a lot of marketers that believe ...

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Clearing Out For Christmas

Danny Cutts Christmas Clear Out

I have had a pretty desperate week so far to be honest which has not been helped by a few on going health issues that keep putting spanners in the works and today was the first time that I have had to cancel a meeting because I simply could not manage the 2-hour drive. Well, it was a sad day ...

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