Hi I am Danny,

I have been drawn to gambling for a long time, and since I could buy scratch cards or go into bookies I have done and to be honest I have made a shit tonne of money in the past and to be brutally honest most of the time I was taking punts and doing pretty well.

However, mug punting is not a strategy, and it was always going to end with me flat broke and scratching around for a living, and that happened to me, and I swore blind that I would not gamble again.

Moving forward about 13 years and now I run some successful online businesses and have a pretty cushty lifestyle. Yup, I am saying it, I have a few cars I enjoy owning. I have a brand new motorbike every couple of years. I can choose as and when I want to work and a saying that I am pretty well known for saying is “every day is a Saturday” yes I am obnoxious and yes I am smug but whatever I have worked hard, and it is paying off for me.

However, I am bored, yup bored, life is exciting but the way I make my money is not interesting enough. I have started dabbling with betting and gambling again, and I am enjoying it, however, this time, I am playing it safe. This time, I am looking for a strategy that I can rinse and repeat and make consistent profits with and not only that I don’t want to be risking any of my hard earned money. I don’t want to be that mug punter; I want to see if this can replace my other taxable incomes.

Oh, that’s the other thing, the thought of replacing my current income with money that I don’t have to share with the tax man appeals to me. My tax bill makes me shed a tear every year and although I agree I should pay my fair share to help the lazy, and the great un washed I just rather do that by buying stuff….

So that’s me…

I have tried to be as honest as I can and from reading this you may just get the idea of what I am like. I don’t take any shit from people, and I would also like to point out that there are are a tonne of “fake it till they make it marketers” and they have really pissed me off over the years.

I am going to share with you my ups and downs my wins my losses and my thoughts. Yes, I am going to be talking about systems and software and yes I may get paid a commission to talk about them, but I will be clear with that. Get stuck in and have a read and follow me on my journey to finding the best ways to make some extra tax-free money from gambling.